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Independent Cambridge

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Contact / Stockists

To get in touch just email us at

You can buy the new book on the high street from these stockists, if you have any problem finding it just let us know:

Waterstones, Sidney Street CB2 3HG
Heffers, Trinity Street CB2 1TY

Area 1
Cambridge Contemporary Art, 6 Trinity Street CB2 1SU
Catesby's, 10 Green Street CB2 3JU
Homestuff with History, 5 Green Street CB2 3JU
Modish, 3 Green St CB2 3JU
Lilac Rose, 71 Bridge Street CB2 1UR
Petrus, 67 Bridge Steet CB2 1UR
Bridges, 20 Bridge Street CB2 1UF
Varsity Hotel & Spa, Thompson's Lane CB5 8AQ
The Cambridge Toy Shop, 15-16 Sussex St CB1 1PA
Millers Music, 12 Sussex Street CB1 1PW
Stickybeaks, 42 Hobson Street CB1 1NL
Boudoir Femme, 2 King Street CB1 1LN
Yippee Noodle Bar, 7-9 King Street CB1 1LH
Afternoon Tease Café, 13 King Street CB1 1LH

Area 2
Fitzbillies, 51-52 Trumpington Street CB2 1RG
6 Ice Cream, 6 Bene't Street CB2 3QN
Cambridge Contemporary Crafts, 5 Bene’t Street CB2 3QN
Bread & Meat, 4 Bene't Street CB2 3QN
Podarok, 12 Bene’t Street CB2 3PT
Pint Shop, 10 Peas Hill CB2 3PN
Ark, 1-2 Peas Hill CB2 3PP
G David Booksellers, 16 St Edward's Passage CB2 3PJ
Nomads, 5 King's Parade CB2 1SJ
Byard Arts, 14 King's Parade CB2 1SJ
Cuckoo, 4 St Mary's Passage CB2 3PQ
Don Pasquale, 12A Market Hill CB2 3NJ
La Raza, 4-6 Rose Crescent, CB2 3LL
Ta Bouche, 10-15 Market Passage CB2 3PF

Area 3
The Garden Kitchen, 82 Mill Road CB1 2AS
Taank Optometrists, 92A Mill Road CB1 2BD
Hot Numbers, Dales Brewery, Gwydir Street CB1 2LJ
Cambridge Mill Road Butchers, 114 Mill Road CB1 2BQ
The Earl of Beaconsfield, 133 Mill Road CB1 3AA
Mill Road Home & Garden, 180-182 Mill Road CB1 3LP
Urban Larder, 9, The Broadway, Mill Road CB1 3NA
Hope Street Yard CB1 3NA
Romsey Barbers, 2a Thoday Street CB1 3AS

More to discover - city
Bacchanalia, 79 Victoria Road CB4 3BS
Radmore Farm Shop, 30 Chesterton Road CB4 3AX
Thirsty Cambridge, 46 Chesterton Road CB4 1EN
Trumpington Gallery, 20 Victoria Road CB4 3DU
Stir, 253 Chesterton Road, CB4 1BG
Rowan, 40 Humberstone Road CB4 1JG
Cheffins Fine Art Auctioneers, Clifton Road CB1 7EA
The Queen Edith, Wulfston Way, CB1 8QN
Rhode Island, 15 High Street, Cherry Hinton CB1 9HX
Cambridge Cookery School & Cafe, Homerton Gardens CB2 8EB
Go Glass, 127 Cherry Hinton Road CB1 7BS

More to discover - outside the city
The Plough Coton, 2 High Street, Coton CB23 7PL
Burwash Manor, New Road, Barton CB23 7EY
Backstitch, Burwash Manor CB23 7EY
Providence, Burwash Manor CB23 7EY
The Plough Shepreth, 12 High Street, Shepreth SG8 6PP 
Oxbow & Peach, The old School, Whittlesford CB22 4YS
The Linton Kitchen, 30 High Street, Linton CB21 4HS
The Flower Boutique, 41 High Street, Linton CB21 4HS
Country Kitchen, 21 Church Street, Haslingfield CB23 1JE