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Discover the best independent shops, cafes, restaurants, venues and events in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

Reasons to shop indie

There are many reasons to choose to buy from and employ the services of local, independent traders. Here are our top 5!

Why independent Cambridge?

A think-tank once voted Cambridge 'number one clone town', but we know a very different city so we set out to prove them wrong.

Independent Cambridge - your essential guide to the real city

We all enjoy discovering something different, something unique and this is exactly what you can do by letting Independent Cambridge be your guide to exploring Cambridge and the surrounding towns and villages. We feature 100s of local traders, artists, makers, producers, venues and events – all of which play a part in the real life of the city and local area.

Run by long-term residents with a true passion for all things indie, this site is packed with valuable insider knowledge of the local scene. And whoever you are - resident or visitor; whatever you search for, read about and choose to visit, you can be sure it’s independent!

We love Cambridge and people flock to see its stunning architecture, its picturesque river and open spaces and its landmark attractions such as The Grantchester Tea Rooms, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettle’s Yard, Botanic Garden and of course the University itself. So, all incredibly lovely! However, if you want to discover the ‘real Cambridge’ you need to step off the beaten track and explore the city’s charming, historical side streets and inviting passageways, where you will discover a wonderful array of specialist shops, cafes and restaurants – all doing things their own, unique way and doing them very well indeed.

And by choosing to shop at independent stores, drink coffee in independent cafes and eat in independent restaurants, you are not only showing your individuality, you are enjoying a special experience. Even more importantly, by buying from local independents, you are making sure they continue to flourish and carry on their huge contribution to the city’s cultural and commercial success.

Happy exploring!

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