Meet The Team

Clare Morris, Anne Beamish, Steve Linford

In 2010, a think tank voted Cambridge ‘number one clone town’. In its report Reimaging the High Street, The New Economics Foundation called the city centre a ‘clone zone’ – with a bland and homogenous offering. Although this is true in some areas of Cambridge, we at PHL Publishing Limited wanted to prove that this is only part of the story. Alongside the usual chain stores and often in the most beautiful and historic areas of the City, there are fantastic independents – doing things their way and doing them extremely well.

As long term residents of the City and avid supporters of independents, we decided to form our own independent publishing company. This allowed us to combine our writing, photography and design skills to produce Independent Cambridge – a celebration of the diversity and individuality unique to ‘indies’.

In our travels we have discovered many more fantastic independents right across the City and beyond, embracing an even wider range of people and places. In addition to shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries and hotels, we have found an incredible number of crafts people, artists, courses, independents on the web and individuals offering professional services.

Starting out as avid independent supporters, we’ve become just a little bit obsessed!

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